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Join the Family!

The Schara Tzedeck family is strong and diverse, representing singles, couples and families, ranging from newcomers to those with roots going back generations.   

Our family is vibrant, engaged -- and growing!   

When you become part of the Schara Tzedeck family, you enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to the most wonderful religious services and amazing clergy.
  • Delicious free weekly kiddush and cholent.
  • Free Sabbath and holiday morning babysitting and children's educational programming 
  • Access to stimulating free classes and programs
  • Opportunities for social engagement at fantastic special events
  • Free seats for the High holidays (first year only)
  • The right to vote, hold office and play an important part in stewarding the synagogue 
  • Free Bar/Bat Mitzvah program
  • Free use of our Mikvah
  • Priority use of and special discount rental pricing for the banquet and social spaces 
  • Reduced pricing on burial plots at Schara Tzedeck cemeteries*

High Holiday Seats:

For security reasons, everyone who joins us for the High Holidays must have designated seat tickets for High Holidays.

When you join the family, you get your seat free for the first year.

After the first year, you can either rent or buy a seat.

If you want to buy your seat, you can do so in three yearly payments and own that seat for life, as long as your dues are fully paid .

To join Schara Tzedeck:

If you would like more information on Schara Tzedeck and how to become part of our family, please contact the office at 604-736-7607,

We look forward to hearing from you!

Fri, 7 October 2022 12 Tishrei 5783