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Kosher  Restaurants and Food

Following is a list of restaurants and establishments where you can dine and/or get prepared take-out meals/baked goods for your Shabbat/Yom Tov and vacation needs.

Café 41 (Dairy, Chalav Yisrael)
5750 Oak St.
Vancouver, BC

Garden City Bakery (Pareve)
#360 – 9100 Blundell Road, Richmond, BC.

Kosher Food Warehouse (retail products only)
612 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

Nava Creative Kosher Cuisine (Dairy, not Chalav Yisrael & Pareve)
950 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

Omnitsky Kosher Deli B.C (Meat & Pareve)
5775 Oak St., Vancouver, BC.

Sabra Bakery (Meat & Pareve)
Glatt Kosher Restaurant
3844 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC.604-733-4912

Real Canadian Superstore (Frozen meat, fresh dairy, Israeli & Kosher dry products)
350 SE Marine Drive

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